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General FAQ

What game engines (Unreal, Unity, etc) can I use Polysketch with?

If it can import OBJ files, it’ll work! That means all modern game engines like Unity, Unreal, Lumberyard, Source, etc, and many others.

Can I open my creations with Blender, Maya, etc?

Yup! Just export from Polysketch, then use your app to import the OBJ file.

Can I use Polysketch to create custom objects for special apps like Roblox and VR Chat?

Sure can! Just use the exported OBJ … if you’re sensing a pattern here, it’s because OBJ is a super universal format that almost all apps can use – that’s why we picked it!

What can I create with Polysketch?

Technically … anything! Realistically though, Polysketch is best with low-poly, stylized work, especially when speed (prototyping) is more important than precision and detail.

What’s the best way to start using Polysketch?

Watch our super-short Quick Start video in the Learning section, then just start creating! 😀

Troubleshooting FAQ

Help! My save file was broken / deleted / never created!

Don’t Panic! Polysketch creates autosaves while you work, and also just before opening any file. See “Autosaves” in the Learning section.

Why can’t I draw anything?

You probably need to choose “Create New Object” from the hand menu. See “Drawing” in the Learning section.

How do I move the entire object?

Use the hand menu to “Exit” the object – now you can grab and move entire objects. See “Manipulating Objects” in the Learning section.

I can’t move and edit points on my object

Hover on the object and press the “Edit” button – now you can modify all its points and lines! See “Editing Objects” in the Learning section.

I exported my object … where did it go?

Exports are saved to the “Polysketch” folder on your headset. See “Exporting” in the Learning section.