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General FAQ

What game engines (Unreal, Unity, etc) can I use Polysketch with?

If it can import basic 3D files, it’ll work! That means all modern game engines like Unity, Unreal, Lumberyard, Source, etc, and many others.
See Using the Exported file in Other Applications for more info!

Can I open my creations with Blender, Maya, etc?

Yup! Just export from Polysketch, then use your app to import the 3D file.

Can I use Polysketch to create custom objects for special apps like Roblox and VR Chat?

Sure can! Just use the exported 3D file … if you’re sensing a pattern here, it’s because we’ve worked hard to ensure you can use your creations anywhere 🙂

What can I create with Polysketch?

Technically … anything! Realistically though, Polysketch is best with low-poly, stylized work, especially when speed (prototyping) is more important than precision and detail.

What’s the best way to start using Polysketch?

Watch our super-short Quick Start video in the Learning section, then just start creating! 😀

Troubleshooting FAQ

Help! My save file was broken / deleted / never created!

Don’t Panic! Polysketch creates autosaves while you work, and also just before opening any file. See “Autosaves” in the Learning section.

Why can’t I draw anything?

You probably need to choose “Create New Object” from the hand menu. See “Drawing” in the Learning section.

How do I move the entire object?

Use the hand menu to “Exit” the object – now you can grab and move entire objects. See “Manipulating Objects” in the Learning section.

I can’t move and edit points on my object

Hover on the object and press the “Edit” button – now you can modify all its points and lines! See “Editing Objects” in the Learning section.

I exported my object … where did it go?

Exports are saved to the “Polysketch” folder on your headset. See “Exporting” in the Learning section.